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Set of 2 Insulated Football League Sports Mugs


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Both of these mugs are insulated. Good for hot or cold beverages. One of them represents the NFL teams and the other represents the AFL teams. Each mug has the helmet of each team that belongs to the 2 leagues around the whole body of the mugs. On the bottom of each mug has the name “WHIRLEY”, Warren, PA, USA stamped on them. The AFL mug has #3 on it and the NFL mug has #6 on it. Both measure: 4″ wide across (4 1/2″ w/ handle). Depth is 5″ and holds 2 cups of liquid to the brim. The artwork on both mugs are done by “Custom Edge, Inc.”, Cleveland, OH.  TM 1998 – NFLP. Both are in near excellent condition. Rare and hard to find as a pair.

Weight 52 oz
Dimensions 9.25 × 7.25 × 5.25 in