Timeless Treasures and Collectibles

About us

Welcome to my new store full of memories collected over the years, loving every moment of it. Now it is time to let go and others, like yourselves, enjoy!

Timeless Treasures & Collectibles

As the pages unfold in my life, I find more and more items, (remember they are not just things) that I can no longer hang on to. These items have been collected over many, many years as a young 20 year old. I am now 67. When you love and no longer care for them, for whatever reason , you have to think about finding new homes, where they can be appreciated for many more years for their sentimental value. As for me and nostalgic value and appraisal value for all of you. There is something for everyone, from dolls to plates, prints with marks, paintings, music boxes, glassware, crystals and more.

Thank you all,
Sissy, T. T. & C.

Just to Note: All Sales are Final. No Returns. No Refunds.

“A beloved dolls voice speaks directly to your soul in a way that cannot be explained in words.”