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Native American “Water Jug” Vase


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This beautiful vase is sculptured and fashioned after a water jug possibly from Native American Indians of the Southwest regions of the Americas or Mexico. It is made of a porous clay pottery material and is just for decorative purposes only. It has a long neck which is solid with a pour spout and it has a handle. There is an open area on the bottom. It was made that way. It is painted with a a hint of aqua blue and is textured. The body of this jug is the widest part and has a desert scene imprinted on both sides. It also has vent-type decorative openings. It shows intricate artwork and can be displayed by itself or can compliment with any decor. It measures 17″ H x 9 1/2″ W at widest part. Excellent condition.



Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 17.00 × 13.00 × 7.50 in