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“Morning Star”, Princess of the Hopi


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This beautiful maiden is the 3rd in the series presented by the Danbury Mint. She is 12 inches tall kneeling on a hand woven rug. She is wearing a long black cotton blanket type dress called a mantas. It was fastened at the shoulders and tied with a sash at the waist. Often wearing a light colored cotton shirt underneath. She also has high buckskin boots. She is wearing a turquoise bracelet, a pearl and turquoise neck piece. She is proud of her basket weaving and other crafts. She has a porcelain head, arms and legs, stuffed body and is poseable. She has a hand painted face, brown glass eyes and black rooted hair fashioned into buns on either side of head (over each ear). Certificate of authenticity and original box. 1993. Excellent condition

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