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WW II Army Uniformed Dolls


WW II Army dolls w/ authentic uniforms.

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These two dolls have composition head hands and feet. Stuffed cloth body of a straw/sawdust combination(of the time). Doll is dressed in WWII Army uniforms. Very good condition for their age.  Uniforms are original including their hats. The larger doll is 22 inches tall and the smaller one is 15 inches tall. Well cared for. Represents the never aging soldier! As a bonus for the pair you will receive 3 boxes of Army issue (Johnson & Johnson brand) first aid bandages FREE.  A value of:  $45.00     Description of items in packages: 2 of the 3 packages are first aid dressing kits. the 3rd is a triangular bandage package. A real find and wonderful package.

Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 24.00 × 15.00 × 10.50 in