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Vintage 2 Piece Amethyst Necklace and Pin Set


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These 2 pieces of jewelry were paired together for their amethyst colored stones. They compliment each other quite well. The pin is in the shape of a key. It has 1 large amethyst colored stone set in at the base of the “key” figure. At the head of the key is a smaller amethyst stone and other smaller one accent around the large one. This pin is has 2 “enhancement” chains hanging from the bottom of the pin. On the back of the pin at  the clasp is an imprint of a “crest”. Accompanied by the pin is a  necklace with a fine 16″ gold tone chain and a solitaire amethyst stone in a golden bronze setting The pin is also set in a bronze like setting Measurements are as follows: The solitaire setting on the necklace is 7.50 mm in diameter and stone itself is 5.32 mm in diameter. Pin itself is 3″ L (incl. chains) X 2 1/8″ W. The stones are each from largest to smallest: Large is 12.50 mm in diameter, medium at tip is 5.5 mm in diameter and the smallest ones, that accent the large stone, are 4.29 mm in diameter each. Both pieces are in good condition for their age. Well taken care of.

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 10.00 × 7.00 × 2.50 in