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Set of Turquoise and Silver Bracelet, Ring, Earrings


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This beautiful set is hand crafted by Native Americans in the New Mexico/Arizona area. The first is a delicate bracelet of sine, twisted strands of silver that curve down and around to hug the wrist on either side of the center setting of a turquoise nugget. The silver in the center is built up and around and holds the nugget in a pronged setting. The nugget measures 10.52 mm L X 9.07 mm W. Please note, that due to age, one of the delicate silver stands near the setting has broken loose from the solder. Next is the beautiful hand crafted ring which compliments the bracelet in a similar setting. The silver setting around the stone is artistically crafted to secure the stone in place. The turquoise stone is in an oblong shape and measures 15 mm L  X 5.25 mm W. The last item is a pair of dangle earrings. It is crafted of silver in a “bowl” shaped disk in the pattern similar to many of the woven baskets made with a sunburst pattern by the Native Americans. There is a hole bored in the center of the “bowl” to insert the post of your choosing. It does come with an  onyx and silver post. These “bowls” have tinier holes and rings at the bottom with strings of silver and multi-colored beads attached that dangle. The bowls measure 3/4″ in diameter and the beaded strands are 1 1/8″ long. All in very good condition. Well taken care of.

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 10.00 × 7.00 × 1.50 in