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Set Of Native American Jewelry – 3 Pieces


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This set has 3 pieces has been carefully arranged and put together to complement each other.  All of the pieces are handcrafted by Native American artists and craftsmen.  First is the beautiful beaded barrette. This piece is 4 1/2″ L X 1 1/4″ W. It is slightly curved to hug the contour of the head. The beadwork illustrates the feathers on either side on the barrette. Center may be an image of a bird or butterfly. 2 diamond shaped images on either side, as in “wings” and a center “body”. On the underside of the barrette is the gold colored hair clip and the beautiful backing of brushed cowhide to finish off the barrette. Next is the the silver beaded bracelet with a “crisscross” pattern and turquoise beads worked into the center of the bracelet. The threads of silver beads then fan out into 6 silver tubed beaded strands and narrows out at the end into a silver horn shaped piece to finish off and connect with the clasp. It is 7″ L X 3/4″ W at widest part. The last of the set is the pair of beautiful dangle earrings with silver, hypoallergenic ear wires. The dangle itself is made up of double loops which are 3 1/2″ L. and are made up of tiny, delicate beads in turquoise and silver and in center of each loop is a porcupine quill. Note* at the top of the the dangle is a tiny piece of leather incorporated into the the  top of the loops  and then into the ear wire itself. All pieces are in excellent condition and well taken care of.

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 10.00 × 7.00 × 2.50 in