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Set of 4 Mason Jars with Metal Hinge/Clip Lids


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Of these 4 jars, 2 of them are matching. The first one is the largest of the whole set. It has a flower design on the sides and has a raised “2L” stamped on the bottom. The nest is a smaller one that also has the flowers on the sides and has a raised “1L” stamped on the bottom. They both have a “arc”  imprinted on top of a crest emblem and “France” on the bottom of the crest, on the lids. They measure 10″ H x 4 1/4″ W across for the larger one and 7″ H x 4 1/4″ W across for the smaller one. The 3rd jar has an raised relief of an eagle with an arc of stars round it on the side of the jar. It states “1 Quart” under the eagle and on the right side it states “Full Measure” and on the left side it states “registered 1898”. It also has the “arc” over a crest emblem w/ “France” imprinted on it’s lid. On the bottom of that jar it has imprinted “Made in Italy – Crownford China Co. 1965”. It measures 6 1/2″ H x 4 1/2″ W across. The 4th jar is the smallest and is of a white ceramic material. It has purple flowers on the jar and the lid and the words “Le Bain” painted on the side. On the bottom it has a sticker which reads: “Classic Ceramics, California Pantry c. 2002.” It is a 12 oz. size and measures 5″ H x 3″ W square. All are in excellent condition.

Weight 152 oz
Dimensions 12.00 × 10.00 × 8.00 in