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Set of 4 Antique Pewter Picture Frames


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These pewter frames date back to the 1930’s-1940’s and all have different designs. The 3 largest ones all hold 8 x 10″ pictures. The smallest one holds a 5 x 7″ picture.The 1st: is the largest of the set. It measures 14″L x 10 3/4″W (outside dimensions). It has swirls of fine lines w/ petite plumes in between and a heart in the middle at the top. It comes w/ glass and a soft brushed material backing. ($30.00, if sold separately) The 2nd largest, measures: 13″L x 10 1/2″W It has a backing but no glass.It appears to have entangled vines or barbed wire around the whole frame w/ petite plumes in center of each side. It has almost squared edges. ($25.00, if sold separately) The 3rd one measures: is just the frame itself. It shows an iris flower on the upper left corner and leaves w/ buds and stems in lower right. The stems curve around leaves to the flower. ($20.00, if sold separately) The last one is the smallest. It measures: 8 1/4″L x 6 1/4″ W. It has a backing but no glass. It shows an intricate pattern of flowers that border each side of the frame and at the top there is a crimped bow with a smooth oval shape hanging from it which looks like possibly a gem? The bottom of the frame shows a petite plume in the center. Photo NOT included. – A little history on that photo – It is my mother and her sisters in taken 1921. Mother was 5 years old in center at bottom. Frames were my great grand parents who originally came from Alsace-Lorraine, territory of Germany. Given to mother then to me. I have no one to pass them to anymore. Hoping someone else would enjoy and give them a good home. ($15.00, if sold separately.) Sold as a set is $70.00

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