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Set of 2 Collectible Racing Tins


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The 1st tin is the newest one. It is heart shaped with has an autographed photo of Dale Earnhardt and his racing number, #88 on it from 2009. It measures 7″ at its widest part X 6 1/4″ Long X 1 1/2″ deep. It was sponsored by Palmer Candy Company and Hendricks Motor Sports.  The 2nd tin is vintage from the 1950’s. in the shape of a racecar. It shows some rust and wear but all in tact. It is a first production run speedster signed by Blackie Collins a knife maker, founder and designer of the MEYERCO Speedster lock back knife. Endorsers were Jane Collins, Blackie’s wife and Debbie Meyer, whose names are also on the sides of the car.. On the roof of the car it states Modified 440 SS, Perma Lube bushing. Finally on the front it reads: One hand opening, one hand closing. Blade safety, reversible clip. Inside the tin was originally the limited edition knife described. Not included. Not in the best of condition, but still collectible. Both are sold together in a set.

Weight 56 oz
Dimensions 9.00 × 7.25 × 5.75 in