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Plains Native American 3 piece Set of Leather, Wood ,Stone


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These 3 pieces were selected and put together as they compliment each other. As in title the set includes leather, wood and stone Plains Native American jewelry. The first is a beaded chokerĀ  (possibly a ceremonial neckpiece). The beads are topaz colored glass beads with leather pieces inserted to divide the beads with the simulated bone and gold colored beads as well. At each end of the necklace are leather plackets with strapping to tie around the neck.Ā  Total length of choker is 28″ and approx. 1″ wide. The second piece is a handmade natural stone of polished agate, shaped into an arrowhead. There is a hole bored into the top of the stone inĀ  which a leather lanyard is strung through. Above the stone, also is included 2 polished wood beads as accents. The arrowhead measures 1 1/2″ L X1 3/4″ W at widest part. The leather lanyard is 28″ Long. The third piece is A hand cut leather barretteĀ  etched with diamond shaped pattern and is slightly curved to the shape of the head. There is a hole at either end of the curved leather barrette to insert a wooden dowel to attach head and hold the hair in place. The leather piece is 5″ L X 1 1/8″ W and the dowel is 5 1/2″ L. Both pieces were dyed with a deep mahogany stain. All pieces are in excellent condition. Well taken care of.

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