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Pair of Leaf Motif Tea Lights


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The two tea light holders are both in a leaf motif. #1 on the left is made of a tin type material with leaf cutouts to let light out in an antique/bronze color finish. It has a latch on the box to put the candle inside. It also has a chimney and a handle at the top for hanging, if you prefer. It measures 3″ L X 3″ W X 3″ H for the box. And with the chimney and handle, it measures  total of 7″ H  #2 to the right is a leaf shaped tea light holder made of a molded cast material also in an antique/bronze finish. It has cutouts in the shape of veins in a leaf to let light out. It measures 6″ L X 3 3/4″ L X 5 1/2″ H. Both in excellent condition.

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 12.00 × 10.00 × 9.00 in