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Native American Indian Hanging Decor


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The Dream Catcher is one of the three on this set. It measures 10″ total length by 4 1/2″ wide. It is made with wood and wrapped in leather binding. with beads and feather hanging from it. The webbing inside the frame is waxed cording woven together in a pattern. Believed to capture bad dreams and keep them away while you sleep. The second is the 4 Winds hanger. It represents the 4 directions of the winds. It is custom that Native American Indians believe it to be spiritual that all things come from the 4 directions. It measures: 7″ wide across with a cross in the enter marking the 4 directions with various colored beads to represent those directions. The frame is wrapped in buckskin lacing and a patch of white fur in the middle. Finally is a set of 8 pheasant feathers that are all bound together at base with finer down feathers. Very regal and might have come from a headpiece at one time. The belief is that feathers signify honor and connection with the creator and the bird that the feathers came from. The longest feather measures 17″ tall and 3 1/2″ at the base, it’s widest part. All in excellent condition.

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