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Musical German Beer Stein w/ Lid


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This beautiful piece is from Germany and has a silver, hinged lid over a colorful ceramic body. The body has raised relief artwork all around it. Even the handle is made to look like a piece of carved wood. There is a cobalt blue strip at the top and scalloped edging on the bottom with a flower in each scallop. All shades of brown are used with hints of reds, greens and blues in the artwork. Inside of the stein is all cobalt blue lining. The motif on this stein depicts a German couple enjoying their steins of brew by a picnic table near a stone fence. Their cottage is off in the distance. This stein is also musical. It’s windup key is on the bottom along with a faint blue stamp which is a triangle with an image inside it and some symbols underneath it. It seems to read GERZ, then Germany. There is also a label on the bottom which displays the name of the tune. “O Mein Papa.” It measures 12″ total Ht./ lid and is 4 1/2″ W at base.Handle alone is 2″ W x 4″ L. It hold 18 oz. of brew (2 2/3 cups). Excellent condition.

Weight 72 oz
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 5.50 in