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Collection of 10 Can and Bottle Koozies


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This collection is a variety of koozies purchase over the years. 3 bottle koozies and 7 can koozies. Descriptions of the bottle koozies : 1. Chicago Bears, which is bottle shaped and has a zipper for a snug fit. it has a rubberized/padded bottom. It measures 8″ tall X 2 1/2″ wide across at base and tapers up the neck. The other two are in shapes of pull-over shirts,  2.  one is Greg Biffle, Army National Guard #16. in camouflage and the other is 3.  USA on the front and “United We Stand” on the back, in our flag colors. these two measure: 4 1/8″ wide across the arms and 6″ tall.  Now the can koozies. 1. Chicago bears w/ logo on front,  2. Florida Gators w/ logo on front,  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. # 88 for Mountain Dew/Amp Energy,  4. Tony Stewart # 20 for Home Depot,  5. Dale Jarrett #44 for UPS,  #’s 6 & 7… are Florida Gun Exchange, artwork by WinCraft  Winona, MN on back. All can koozies measure: 5 1/2″ L X4″ W. (collapsed) and all are in very good condition.

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