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3 Pieces; 2 Pieces Crystal Jewelry Set w/ an Unpolished Stone


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This is an unusual collection of crystal items. Out of the 3 pieces, 2 of the are jewelry which include a pair of real crystal drop earrings. They were handcrafted of silver wire wrapped around, to cradle, polished crystal stones. They have hypoallergenic ear wires as well. These stones measure 18.17 mm L X 14.27 mm W. The next piece is a faux heart shaped crystal pendant with a gold tone 18″ chain. The pendant is set in a gold tone setting that outlines the heart shaped crystal piece to show the clarity with light passing through. The pendant measures 13.2 mm L X 12.6 mm W, and is crafted with a bale (loop) that the chain can be strung through. Finally, the crystal stone. Which is an unpolished “phantom” crystal stone. This stone is is called phantom due to its appearance of having a partial or smaller crystal (or crystals) included inside the larger one. The overall larger stones phantom crystal is less visible in an unpolished stone. The stone however had been cut into 5 flat sides called facets. This stone measures 2″ l X34 1/2″ W in diameter. in mm it is 46.79 mm L X 27.92 mm W in diameter. The stone alone weighs 42.10 g. All pieces are in excellent condition. Well taken care of.

Weight 76 oz
Dimensions 12.00 × 10.00 × 5.00 in