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3 Piece Green Turquoise/Sterling Silver Set


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This 3 piece set put together is hand crafted with green turquoise and silver.  The first is the pendant with chain. Pendant measures 1 1/4″ L X1/2″ W. The stone alone is 14 mm L X 9.95 mm W. It is hand crafted with silver and on the back has markings >M< or a K w/ a backwards K. Cannot make it out. (Perhaps a makers mark). One of a kind. The chain is Sterling silver w/ Italy stamped .925  on ring by clasp. It is an 18″ fine snake link chain which is. next is an older piece. A sterling silver bracelet with a large green turquoise stone. The bracelet itself has engraved Native American symbols all around. There is one bracket that was soldered that broke loose. Very brittle due to age. And there is a sunburst/flower Pattern soldered on the top of the bracelet which is the setting for the green turquoise stone, that measures 3/4″ L X 3/8″ W.  It is beautiful and unique. Finally the ring. Its is made of .925 silver with engraved designs in either side of the green stone setting. Stone is18mm L X 14.75 mm W. Ring itself measures 27.5 mm outside diameter and inside diameter is 26.75 mm. All 3 pieces compliment one another and is in very good condition.

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8.00 × 5.00 × 2.00 in