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3 Piece Egyptian Inspired Jewelry


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These pieces all were put together as they complement each other. First is the Scarab Beetle. A natural hand carved stone considered to be lucky. It features a hole bored in the center  to string as in a necklace or charm. On the bottom of the stone is a message in hieroglyphics . Each stone and each message on the stones are individual. No two are alike. The scarab measures 3/8″ L X 1/4″ W X 1/4″ H. The second Item is the etched likeness of Cleopatra in silver. It is a double faced charm or “Amulet”. It is slightly less than 1″ long. It has a pinch bale attached ready to put on a chain. Finally the third item is a barrette. It is made out a molded plastic composition in a tan color with hieroglyphics in animal symbols on the top in black. In research on the images, there is the snake, the crab, the great bird and the barbus bynni fish. All in great condition. Well taken care of.  **Please note: For shipping purposes only, the smaller charms are wired together, temporarily, to prevent them from getting lost.

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 8.00 × 5.00 × 1.00 in