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2 Pieces – Turquoise and Silver Earrings and Pendant


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These 2 , beautiful pieces are put together and compliment each other. The first is the heart shaped pendant which has a large center stone cut and polished to fit into a silver colored setting with tiny “bullet” beads etched in one side. The stone is slightly bluer/green than the earring stones and has a very nice vein pattern in it and it measures 1″ L X 3/4″ W. It comes with a sterling silver 18″ chain. The chain is stamped .925 with a maker’s mark below it. The Earrings are of oval shaped turquoise stones in a sterling silver setting. It also has has 2 silver wire rings soldered on either side of the turquoise setting and each earring has silver “fringes” that are looped onto the bottom ring of the posts. And these silver fringes are in graduated lengths. The longest one is in the center and as they go up either side getting shorter.  The whole length of the earring is appox. 3″ L from top to end of center fringe piece and is 1″ W at widest part. On back of the earrings is stamped ” sterling”. The stones on each earring also measure 1″ L X  3/4″ W. Excellent condition on both pieces. Well taken care of.

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 10.00 × 7.00 × 1.75 in