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2 Piece “Slinky” Gold and diamond Set


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This 2 piece set was put together for the unique “slinky” quality of the bracelet to pair up with the snake ring. They complement each other quite well. The bracelet is a flexible link of gold spiraled around each diamond setting. The way the gold strapping is wrapped around make each link underneath very supple  as in the body of a snake. (The spine) This is a beautiful piece and is unlike many link types. The bracelet is 10K and 7 1/2″ long and is 3.67 mm wide. And it is paired with a snake ring. This ring is 14K gold and it is crafted as if the snake was coiling twice around your finger. You can see where the the tail ends up on the one side of the finger and the head is on the other side. Note that the ring has a total of 6 tiny diamonds in a cluster on the head of the snake and 2 clusters diamonds each on part of the coiled body.  ( 3 on the outer coil and 4 on the inner) A total of 13 diamond accents on the ring. The top of the ring where the head is measures a total of 1/2″ wide  across and 1″ in diameter. another very unique piece. All diamonds on ring and bracelet are approx.1.3 mm round each.(.01 carat each.) Both pieces are in excellent condition and well taken care of.

Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 12.00 × 10.00 × 3.50 in