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2 Piece Set Silver Belt Buckle/Turquoise Inlay/w Earrings


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This is a unique set of an oval shaped belt buckle with a built up center of silver, shaped like a unicorn head, into which turquoise inlay was set in. The buckle also has intricate etchings around the unicorn setting. The inlay setting itself measures 31.9 mm L X 18.8 mm W. The entire belt buckle measures 2″ L X 2 1/2″ W. The earrings in the set are silver with silver ball posts in an etched earring jacket that flairs out in a scalloped design with intricate etchings along the edge. They measure 3/4″ L X 5/8″ W, at widest part. Both pieces are Native American inspired and they compliment each other;. Total weight of the set is 34.8 g. All are in excellent condition. Well taken care of.

Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 10.00 × 7.00 × 2.50 in