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2 Piece Silver Belt Buckle and Earrings Set


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This is a beautiful silver set. This belt buckle is very unique. In research, nothing like it had been found. All pieces are hand crafted and etched with intricate design. The belt buckle is forged in the shape of a butterfly. And note on the border around the wings and the body itself of the butterfly is crafted with bronze. Both on the wings and on the tear drop shaped earrings, delicate flower and swirl patterns are etched. The belt buckle measures 2″ L X2 1/4″ W. The earrings measure 1″ L X 1/2″ W Total weight of the set is 33.2 g. Excellent condition. Well taken care of.

Weight 56 oz
Dimensions 12.00 × 9.00 × 3.00 in